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Mission Beach San Diego

Mission Beach San Diego

The area of Mission Beach is a stretch of the sandbar
along the Pacific Ocean. Through Mission Beach, the
main artery is Mission Boulevard. This Boulevard is
a popular place to go in the summer or winter, as
there are main shops and restaurants.

Near Mission Beach, you'll find attractions such as
Sea World and Belmont Park. Both amusement parks are
well known, and very popular. Within the two you'll
find rides such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster,
Chaos, Vertical Plunge, the Liberty Carousel, and
The Trampoline.

Mission Beach also gives you plenty of opportunities
to participate in volleyball, tanning, surfing,
skateboarding, and many other activities. There is
also a local skating club, Skate This, which performs
for free on the weekends with sick tricks and dancing.

Even though nudity isn't allowed on the beach, alcohol
still is. Thong bikinis aren't legal on the beach,
although lifeguards and security personal normally don't
make a big deal about it.

With plenty of shops and restaurants, Mission Beach
in San Diego is a great place to go. The beach is
very warm and offers a sandy environment. If you like
the beach with other perks to offer, Mission Beach is
one place you should check out.




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