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Maritime Museum San Diego

Maritime Museum San Diego

Since 1948, the Maritime Museum located in San Diego
has served the city in many big ways. The museum here
is dedicated to collecting and preserving the rich
maritime heritage and historic values of the city -
then presenting it to the public.

The biggest attraction to the museum is the historic
ships. Here, you'll find five great examples of
maritime vessels - Berkeley, Californian, Medea,
Pilot, and the Star of India.

All across the museum you can find many examples of
Naval technology and ships of the past. The guides
at the Maritime Museum are very friendly and helpful,
willing to answer any question that you may have.

Nearby to the museum, you have several attractions
and things to see. With the museum being in the
downtown area of San Diego, it's very close to some
of the other things that San Diego is so very well
known for.

If you happen to be on vacation in San Diego, make
sure you visit the Maritime Museum. Kids love to
see the ships on display, as well as the USS Midway
Aircraft Carrier Museum, which is a short walk from
the Maritime Museum.




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